Please note this page will be changing often with more creative and more recent works.  I have a new collection of pictures and banners on the works to go up soon, so check back often.  *This page may take a few minutes to load completely.

Above:  Website banner.

Left:  fake magazine cover.  This image was generated on the computer to mimic an actual magazine. 

Below:  Local Company online banner advertisement.


More banners and Advertisements coming soon!





Before:  Torn and worn portions of print, poor lightning.


After:  Tears and worn sections of photographs repaired, contrast adjusted to balance picture.

Before:  poor shading, grainy, lots of photo damage


After: repaired


Before. After:  Additional Equipment added, shadows added, customers placed around lot, grass and additional landscaping added.

Photo art: To the left is a unique combination of black and white photography and full color images.

Another scenery shot to the right, but this was altered to appear as a stained glass window.






*Note:  Roll your mouse over each image to view the alterations.