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Most all pages incorporate the use of JavaScript, so be sure to view the source of some of my recent WebPages for more scripts.  Included here are some useful scripts for your benefit, but most scripts are tailored to the specific pages.  If the example is a .htm file simple use your view source to see the code.
Fading Menu This script written for pilot's personal page.  The images included here are just for example only.  To active the hidden menu simply roll your mouse over the only visible image on the screen, then each menu item also has event functionality.
Dynamic Link Designed for the same page as above this script is to build a link dynamically to make weather searching easier.  Try entering a city code (ex: atl).  The link require uppercase, but the script will correct all case after entry so you can enter any case. (cross frame referencing)
Number Crunchier Example of different scripting techniques.
Calculator basic calculator functionality.
Static Clock (.txt) A long script for grabbing the time off the users computer.  Allows for extra message to be added to each particular hour.
Back Button (.txt) Resource:  grabs the last page in the browsers history.
Maximize Window (.txt) Resource:  auto sizes the browser window the the users screen.
Disable Selection (.txt) Resource:  Prevents the user form selecting text.
Disable Mouse Click (.txt) Resource:  A condition to prevent the right and or left click of the mouse.
Page Redirect (.txt) Resource:  A browser friendly script to automatically redirect the user.


War Game Applet A fun game of War.  Incased in an applet for online playing.
Visual Basic
The following are linked to directories to be downloaded and run on a computer with VB installed, unless otherwise noted.
Employee Database  
University Database System (.exe) System to keep track of disabled students and supply resources for office employees and disabled student users
Sale Statistics  

* Note:  This page is under construction for debugging, please check back soon.